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Do businesses need additional IT support?

Small and medium sized organisations are coming under continuous threat from external hackers and users who are looking to gain access to files that are confidential. Firewalls and security services such as Avast are many options a user can take to stop illicit and illegal users entering onto their PC, in the form of a trojan or worm. This is why many businesses look to outsource their IT security to a company such as https://www.itoutcomes.com/ who provide affordable support and services to help tackle and improve the infrastructure of businesses IT, by ensuring that it runs smoothly and operates effectively. This only includes a small segment of what is predominantly included in IT Support as there are additional items such as Office 365, which looks into collaborating emails together and cloud computing, bringing information and files to the internet, in a secured environment.

Getting the Right Website Made

It is important when you have a business that the company website is reflective of the unique values and aims of your company. Getting a bespoke website made does not need to cost an arm and a leg, and these programmers Pontefract can help you to build a completely unique website quickly and easily. With the advanced programming knowledge, including various code languages, the team at Dev Moves can made beautiful websites which function amazingly too, helping you to give off the right look with your site. It is important that your clients, customers and visitors can find your site, so the team will always ensure that your site is SEO friendly so it can be optimised accordingly. For all bespoke projects, they even provide training for you to be able to continue updating the site yourself!

Getting the Right Theme for Your Site

The theme on your website is the backbone of the site, it is where the code for the layout, design and fonts/graphics is housed.  WordPress has many thousands of free themes available to download to use on your site.  It is important that you take your time to choose the right theme for your site.

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Choosing a Great Web Design Agency

When it is time to think about getting a new website built for your business, there are loads of different options out there.  You chould choose to go it alone and do it yourself, through using an online web builder programe along the lines of Wix.  These are sometimes okay, but for most professionals and

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Should You Bother With Do It Yourself Web Design?

These days there are hundreds of ways to build your own website easily and quickly.  The possibilities of using online web builders means more people than before can build simple websites with relative ease, not requiring knowledge of code or graphic design. There are some downfalls to these web building programmes though – the first

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Why Ranking Highly on Google is So Important

Ranking highly on Google and other search engines is super important for businesses – it is through these searches that people come across your website and find your goods and services.  Without ranking highly, many people simply will not find your web site. As a rule, it is believed that over 90% of people never

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Social Media for Business Presence Online

The world of social media has blossomed and bloomed over the past 10 years or so, with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others all playing a large role in our day to day lives.  More businesses are beginning to see the impact that good social media management can have on thier businesses, so why not

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Loading Times and User Experience: How to Improve Your Site

A website’s loading time can make a huge difference to the user experience.  The longer a site takes to load (as in all the images, video clips, text boxes and buttons), the more likely a user is going to give up and click off onto a different site.  This can mean a big loss in

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What Does SEO Mean For My Website?

SEO, the short name for Search Engine Optimisation, is the toolkit of strategies and techniques used by webmasters to get their websites more visible on search engines.  It is not a simple task, as there are lots of things which can be adjusted and manipulated in order to get the site ranking higher. First of

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Checking Over Your Site Before Launch

When you build a new site, it is tempting to do it quickly and get it launched as soon as you can, but it is worth spending a few minutes checking over your whole site for errors and broken parts before you launch. Things to check include links – make sure all your links both

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