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Getting the Right Theme for Your Site

Category : Web Design

The theme on your website is the backbone of the site, it is where the code for the layout, design and fonts/graphics is housed.  WordPress has many thousands of free themes available to download to use on your site.  It is important that you take your time to choose the right theme for your site.

First off, you need to be aware of the purpose of your website.  Of course, we all want a website to get as many visitors as possible, and hopefully convert those visitors into sales!  Not all websites are there to perform the same function; some are purely there for information about products and services, others sell items through ecommerce facitilities and others have booking availability etc available.  If your theme does not match up with the core purpose of your site, it will not work as well.

The theme needs to be clean, minimal and neat looking to have the best effect on your site.  Some themes are packed full of over the top effects and gadgets which are not necessary to the functions of the site, instead they just add extra code and slow the site down.

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Checking Over Your Site Before Launch

When you build a new site, it is tempting to do it quickly and get it launched as soon as you can, but it is worth spending a few minutes checking over your whole site for errors and broken parts before you launch.

Things to check include links – make sure all your links both internally and externally are working, lead to the right page and work properly. You want to get the benefit from having internal links, so ensuring the URL is typed correctly is a good thing to do.  Make sure your anchor text is diverse so as not to point to products using the same words all the time.

Spelling and grammar is important on a website – it is worth checking over your text to make sure you haven’t missed any poorly spelled words, excessively long sentences or other grammatical mistakes.  Search engines like web sites to be fully spell checked as well as with good English grammar, so go through yours with a fine toothed comb!