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Choosing a Great Web Design Agency

When it is time to think about getting a new website built for your business, there are loads of different options out there.  You chould choose to go it alone and do it yourself, through using an online web builder programe along the lines of Wix.  These are sometimes okay, but for most professionals and businesses, they simply are too limited.

Choosing a web design agency to create your website is important – you need to be confident they will carry out your dream and make your business site the best it can be.  Here are our tips for finding a great designer.

  1. check their portfolio – enquire about looking at past works of different design agencies to get a feel for how they build.  Lots of designers have a signature look which they use frequently.  Find one you like the look of and go with them!
  2. ask questions – even see if it okay to speak to past clients to find out more about how they got on.

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Should You Bother With Do It Yourself Web Design?

These days there are hundreds of ways to build your own website easily and quickly.  The possibilities of using online web builders means more people than before can build simple websites with relative ease, not requiring knowledge of code or graphic design.

There are some downfalls to these web building programmes though – the first being that the possibility to create a totally unique website is sort of lost.  You often have a bank of templates to choose from, of which there are maybe a few hundred at most.  This means all the “good” templates will be chosen by people and there will be lots of similar looking sites around the web.  A good web designer will be able to build you a completely unique, customised website.

The cost is often what draws people to doing their own web build, as a web designer can easily charge a few thousand pounds for a web site.  Builders online often start off with the tempting “FREE” website logo, or offers of cheap or free trials.  They do not always mention the monthly fee to keep the site active, which over the life of your business could well add up to more than the cost of getting a web designer on board!

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Why Ranking Highly on Google is So Important

Ranking highly on Google and other search engines is super important for businesses – it is through these searches that people come across your website and find your goods and services.  Without ranking highly, many people simply will not find your web site.

As a rule, it is believed that over 90% of people never look past the first page of a search result.  This means they only ever look at the first 10 results.  It is definitely important for businesses to aim to get their website on the first page at least, if not within the top 5 results.  The closer to the top of page one you are, the more people will click onto your link.

If increasing sales is your thing, it is important that you generate enough visitor traffic to your site in order to encourage more people to buy. Through increasing your ranks, you will certainly see an increase in web site visitors, which in turn should increase sales.

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Social Media for Business Presence Online

The world of social media has blossomed and bloomed over the past 10 years or so, with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others all playing a large role in our day to day lives.  More businesses are beginning to see the impact that good social media management can have on thier businesses, so why not start now?

Facebook is a great platform for business users, offering a unique insight into their customers interests and behaviours.  There are some clever paid advertising features on Facebook, offering the chance to fully tailor your campaigns down to the last detail, including interests, location and more.

By tailoring your adverts down, you can be sure that your site is placed in front of the right people who are more likely to be interested in your services or goods.  If you get the target audience wrong, you will see a decline in the number of people interacting with your page.

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Loading Times and User Experience: How to Improve Your Site

A website’s loading time can make a huge difference to the user experience.  The longer a site takes to load (as in all the images, video clips, text boxes and buttons), the more likely a user is going to give up and click off onto a different site.  This can mean a big loss in potential customers, as well as not being able to retain current customers who may find your site annoyingly slow.  Several things can slow down a site, and we can help you to figure out what the issue is with yours.

Did you know that the average web user is happy to only wait up to 2 seconds for a site to load?  This sounds fast doesn’t it!  There are an interesting number of sites which can actually take as long as 20 seconds to load.  Imagine waiting that long these days!  One key way to reduce the time your site takes to load is to get rid of overly large or high res images and photos.  These can be a drain on resources and take ages to fully load.

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What Does SEO Mean For My Website?

SEO, the short name for Search Engine Optimisation, is the toolkit of strategies and techniques used by webmasters to get their websites more visible on search engines.  It is not a simple task, as there are lots of things which can be adjusted and manipulated in order to get the site ranking higher.

First of all, the website has keywords which are search terms linking to your services or products.  They are often geographical as well as factual, such as “hairdresser in Leeds” or “mechanic services in Glasgow” for example.

Keywords are used to find your business site, so when users type in to the search bar your keyword, your site should be near the top of the page.  The closer to the top you are, the more people will click on your website.  It is true that over 90% of people never look at the second page or beyond…


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Checking Over Your Site Before Launch

When you build a new site, it is tempting to do it quickly and get it launched as soon as you can, but it is worth spending a few minutes checking over your whole site for errors and broken parts before you launch.

Things to check include links – make sure all your links both internally and externally are working, lead to the right page and work properly. You want to get the benefit from having internal links, so ensuring the URL is typed correctly is a good thing to do.  Make sure your anchor text is diverse so as not to point to products using the same words all the time.

Spelling and grammar is important on a website – it is worth checking over your text to make sure you haven’t missed any poorly spelled words, excessively long sentences or other grammatical mistakes.  Search engines like web sites to be fully spell checked as well as with good English grammar, so go through yours with a fine toothed comb!