Checking Over Your Site Before Launch

When you build a new site, it is tempting to do it quickly and get it launched as soon as you can, but it is worth spending a few minutes checking over your whole site for errors and broken parts before you launch.

Things to check include links – make sure all your links both internally and externally are working, lead to the right page and work properly. You want to get the benefit from having internal links, so ensuring the URL is typed correctly is a good thing to do.  Make sure your anchor text is diverse so as not to point to products using the same words all the time.

Spelling and grammar is important on a website – it is worth checking over your text to make sure you haven’t missed any poorly spelled words, excessively long sentences or other grammatical mistakes.  Search engines like web sites to be fully spell checked as well as with good English grammar, so go through yours with a fine toothed comb!