Loading Times and User Experience: How to Improve Your Site

A website’s loading time can make a huge difference to the user experience.  The longer a site takes to load (as in all the images, video clips, text boxes and buttons), the more likely a user is going to give up and click off onto a different site.  This can mean a big loss in potential customers, as well as not being able to retain current customers who may find your site annoyingly slow.  Several things can slow down a site, and we can help you to figure out what the issue is with yours.

Did you know that the average web user is happy to only wait up to 2 seconds for a site to load?  This sounds fast doesn’t it!  There are an interesting number of sites which can actually take as long as 20 seconds to load.  Imagine waiting that long these days!  One key way to reduce the time your site takes to load is to get rid of overly large or high res images and photos.  These can be a drain on resources and take ages to fully load.