Should You Bother With Do It Yourself Web Design?

These days there are hundreds of ways to build your own website easily and quickly.  The possibilities of using online web builders means more people than before can build simple websites with relative ease, not requiring knowledge of code or graphic design.

There are some downfalls to these web building programmes though – the first being that the possibility to create a totally unique website is sort of lost.  You often have a bank of templates to choose from, of which there are maybe a few hundred at most.  This means all the “good” templates will be chosen by people and there will be lots of similar looking sites around the web.  A good web designer will be able to build you a completely unique, customised website.

The cost is often what draws people to doing their own web build, as a web designer can easily charge a few thousand pounds for a web site.  Builders online often start off with the tempting “FREE” website logo, or offers of cheap or free trials.  They do not always mention the monthly fee to keep the site active, which over the life of your business could well add up to more than the cost of getting a web designer on board!