Why Ranking Highly on Google is So Important

Ranking highly on Google and other search engines is super important for businesses – it is through these searches that people come across your website and find your goods and services.  Without ranking highly, many people simply will not find your web site.

As a rule, it is believed that over 90% of people never look past the first page of a search result.  This means they only ever look at the first 10 results.  It is definitely important for businesses to aim to get their website on the first page at least, if not within the top 5 results.  The closer to the top of page one you are, the more people will click onto your link.

If increasing sales is your thing, it is important that you generate enough visitor traffic to your site in order to encourage more people to buy. Through increasing your ranks, you will certainly see an increase in web site visitors, which in turn should increase sales.